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About ABC

Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC) was founded in 1989. It is a national UK organisation run for anyone who is suffering because of eating disorders: sufferers, their families, friends. It is also a resource for teachers, health professionals, counsellors and all those in caring roles.

ABC has a Christian foundation and was registered as a charity (Number 1114246) in 1989. It was then run by a management committee overseen by two directors: the founders of the original organisations who formed ABC. In 2001 a full time manager was employed, and shortly after that the office was moved to Hitchin, Hertfordshire. ABC is now run by full time staff, a team of regional volunteers and overseen by a board of trustees, a board of professional advisors and led by a director. Our offices are now located in Wedmore, Somerset from where we run our telephone and email help-lines for the general public.

ABC is run by a network of staff, many of whom are themselves recovered sufferers or their carers. Our Befriending Service supports over 100 adult sufferers at any given time thanks to a network of volunteers who are former sufferers now well recovered.

We have been responsible for running various conferences and campaigns across the UK on the subject of eating disorders and related topics such as self harm. ABC is still expanding today, as we try to respond to the increasingly great need of those suffering with eating disorders, and helping to advise and support those who care for sufferers, notably parents. We provide a range of literature and self help material. ABC is able to provide talks, seminars and workshops for counsellors, pastoral carers, youth leaders, teachers and carers.